Project Management

Mr. Pekka Tiitinen, Lecturer at Vocational School, Chairman of the project team

Mrs. Edit Baloghné Schmidt, Ethics teacher, Responsible for implementing mental training at School of Tóvárosi

Mrs. Andrea Molnár, PE teacher, Responsible for Sport Clubs and school of Tóvárosi co-operation in Székesfehérvár

Mrs. Balázsné Bánhegyi, Education expert and Interpreter, School of Tóvárosi contact person

Mr. Giedrius Ratkus, PE teacher, Responsible for Sport club and school of Krantas co-operation, Krantas Primary School contact person

Mr. Pavel Kozlov, Football coach and head of Youth Education Programs in FK Banga, Football Club Banga contact person

Mr. Olli Kelhä, PE teacher, Press Officer in the project

Mr. Matti Molander, Sports and Youthwork Manager, Contact person of the project